Floor Coatings


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Types of Floor Coatings

Floor coatings offer perfect tough and protective layer to various surfaces especially the ones that are more prone to corrosion or tear and wear. Some of them however are perfect for decorative purposes. Discussed below are types of floor coatings.

Decorative coatings – This type of coatings is mainly intended to enhance the appearance of facility floors. They are commonly used at show rooms, art galleries and concert halls. They are easy to apply and are known to cure faster in low temperatures. Its technical capabilities enables it to be adhesion and water intrusion resistant and also elasticity and anti-skid resistant hence ideal for sports gymnasiums.

Protective Coatings – They are usually best suited for protection purposes. They are designed to offer resistance to rain, wind and other harsh weather conditions. They are durable and water penetration resistant. They are likely to be used on high traffic areas, warehouses, manufacturing floors, chemical plants.